The first description that we can associate when we heard the term sanctuary is having or be in a safe haven. We all know something about it and for some there is still an ongoing quest to obtain it. Throughout history the word has evolve to something more than a human divine place. Sanctuary is now being used to other tasks, callings or advocacy. Here is a condensed presentation of the word sanctuary to better understand its current standpoint.

imagesReligious view point

The oldest usage of sanctuary and perhaps its foundation is associated to religious beliefs. Different religion has used it as a term that signifies freedom from earthly sin, human suffering, or a place for heavenly connection. Throughout history, sanctuary has played a major role in apparitions, martyrdom, and religious events. Even today, sanctuary is a much desired place or condition where religious or spiritual devotees are dying to have or go into.

Neighborhood Good Sam InsideSanctuary for life

Human history leads to the use of the word in presentation of human kindness, compassion, sympathy or caring. Sanctuary is often associated to people gathered, save or organized as victims or connected to the following grounds or motive.

  •       War survivor or victim
  •       Political refugees
  •       Migration due to economic failures
  •       Violent abuse / Traumatism
  •       Mental and Emotional distress
  •       Addiction

Sanctuary is also use for human freedom from earthly stress or anxiety. Sanctuary for stress related to work or living is often advocated by people especially by popular celebrities.

Dawn Sanctuary field of horses picAnimal Sanctuary

Due to the increasing numbers of endangered animals, many concern citizens are building a safe place for animals to live and reproduce. The sanctuary often aims to increase the number of these animals to take them away to the list of animals that will soon be extinct.


wildlifePlant Sanctuary

This sanctuary is a mean to protect and maintain plants or species of plants. The goal is to enable these plants to exist in the natural eco system.  This sanctuary often protects wide areas of plants and organism.



Emergency SanctuaryAPTOPIX Haiti Electricity

In times of unforeseen events and disaster, sanctuary is a term we heard to evacuate, manage and protect victims. It is often temporary and a government established project.

Sanctuary has been used in more or less with these kinds of purposes and reasons. For whatever reasons it is used, all are created towards caring and protection. We can say that humanness is still in our mind and heart.